🥇 Elegant single-line algorithms in JavaScript

April 21, 2019


Algorithms are one of the basic parts of every programmer’s skills scope. I’m sure that you heard a lot about them, and how they are important for effective problem-solving. With a multiparadigm JavaScript, we have a nice opportunity in mixing different styles and patterns for getting much more elegant code. Sometimes we can solve a task even using a single line of code, and I’m not about minimized code, I’m about a really single-line of effective vanilla code (for standardizing let’s count it in 80 or fewer characters length). As far as it needs deep knowledge even for an easy task, I’m sure this will be so useful for everyone. Let’s fun and learn.


There are lots of tasks, will order them by complexity from the easiest on the list top to the most difficult at the bottom.


A string is one of the basic structure for any programming language, and javascript isn’t an exception. We use them every day in our typical tasks, from handle input data from users at the client to parsing files using node.js. Let’s start here: